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Welcome to Nilsson Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic

We would consider it a privilege to serve you or your family member.

Joy Nilsson, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology
Our Mission

Our mission is to positively impact the lives of hearing impaired patients, their families, and the community in which we all live through education, technology, and caring for people as unique individuals, all while staying committed to excellence in every aspect of hearing care.

About Dr. Nilsson

Dr. Joy Nilsson has expertise in the latest digital hearing aid technology available, with over twenty years of clinical experience fitting even the most challenging cases. Dr. Nilsson’s caring approach with her patients allows her to assist them in working through some of the sensitive struggles of living with hearing loss.

Dr. Nilsson performs thorough diagnostic testing for all ages and assesses the complete communication needs of each individual patient. As a Doctor of Audiology, she considers it a privilege to work with and build your trust to maximize hearing benefit. The goal of her practice is to establish life-long relationships. She values each patient and strives to understand your unique needs to provide individualized care. It is about building a relationship and taking the time that each patient needs to find success.

Professional Service Excellence
  • Complete hearing evaluations for all populations
  • Hearing aid fittings with a higher standard of individualized care
  • Serving federal, state and self-insured hearing loss claims
  • Medical insurance billing for diagnostic and hearing aid services
  • Providing the latest digital hearing aid technology available from many reputable manufacturers
Why We Are Different

You can put a price on products and services. You can’t put a price on relationships and results.

What separates us from every other hearing care provider out there? We take the time you need to help you achieve and sustain a life of better hearing. We only offer the most current and effective technology available. But great technology is just the beginning for us. Understanding the way you live, your personal hearing needs, and your better-hearing goals helps us craft a more personalized and comprehensive hearing solution than anyone else could offer.

We have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to map individual hearing requirements to complex product and technology choices in a simple, user-friendly, and efficient manner. We use comprehensive diagnostic testing techniques to determine a clear understanding and explanation of your unique hearing difficulties. This allows us to provide personalized technology and rehabilitation solutions with the newest, most effective options available. These solutions include, but are not limited to, Bluetooth wireless technologies. We are passionate about seeking out new advancements as they become available in order to improve the lives of our beloved patients.

We provide unparalleled follow-up care and services. We are committed to the highest patient satisfaction. We are dedicated to continuing education, and we are always looking for new and better ways to meet the needs of our patients.

Better hearing is our passion — what’s yours? We’d love to help you hear it.


  • Rush C reviews Nilsson Audiology

    Most of the time, seniors like myself can be stubborn or in denial concerning the effects of age. If I were watching TV with my wife, I’d need to turn up the volume and/or turn on the closed captions.

    I was often saying, “What?” and only heard parts of what was being said, and my brain would just try to “fill it in” with what I thought was being said. This brought on frustrating and often embarrassing consequences.

    When I went to Dr. Joy, she answered all my questions patiently and gave me options regarding purchase. I decided I’d trust my gut, which told me that Dr. Joy was extremely knowledgeable and cared about the patients. I took the plunge and I could not possibly be happier! I can sit in the living room with my wife and watch TV at the low-volume setting and understand all of it without closed captions. I have no trouble in restaurants filtering out background noise, and at church I can hear the sermon without misunderstanding any of the words. My wife said she has never seen anyone as happy with their hearing aids as I am.

    Rush C.

  • I admit to resisting the idea of hearing aids; however, I changed my mind once I tried them. Not only are my hearing aids discreet, but they are fully adjusted to my particular hearing loss. I have been wearing the new, open fitting, behind-the-ear, digital hearing aids for the last two years and I can tell you that it was one of the best investments I have made for myself and for my family. We wear glasses when our eyesight begins to fail. Why wouldn’t we do whatever we can to improve our hearing?

    Bruce D. of Port Orchard

  • Frank Byrnes reviews Nilsson Audiology

    Well, finally I’m a believer. My girlfriend had been trying to get me to have my hearing tested for a long time. She’d said most of the time I didn’t hear her or understand what she was saying. My answer to her was, “If you would speak up or look at me when you are talking, it wouldn’t be a problem.” When she and I would be out with friends, she would often ask, “Did you hear that?” In most cases I had to say, “No.” Finally just to pacify her, I agreed to get tested. I was pessimistic about the whole thing.

    When Dr. Joy completed my hearing test, she went over it in great detail and answered all my questions. Bottom line, she said I was not hearing up to 50% of a lot of sounds. I still was somewhat pessimistic, so she offered me a free loaner pair of hearing aids to try for a few weeks so I could check it out for myself. Well, that did it. I was hearing things I hadn’t heard in years. Thank you, my honey, and Dr. Joy, for your patience and help.

    Frank Byrnes

  • Jack Porter reviews Nilsson Audiology

    I have been wearing a hearing aid for over 30 years and have tried various brands as suggested by several hearing care providers throughout the years. I have found that most hearing aid provider are not really interested in their customers’ specific needs. How many hearing aid providers out there have a doctoral degree? Most don’t tell you anything about the quality of the aid. I feel like they are trying to sell you the most expensive aid without actually explaining why.

    Dr. Nilsson is truly an audiologist who cares deeply about her patients. She really has a heart and desire to offer you the best solution for your needs. She refuses to handle aids that are of poor quality. I have had quite a few hearing aid providers throughout the years and have found that if you think you can get an aid that will do the job by purchasing a cheap one, all you will get is an amplifier. If you seriously want results, see Dr. Nilsson. You will not find anyone better than her. I call her my hearing angel!

    J. Porter

  • Jim reviews Nilsson Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic

    Now I feel that I can fully participate in life events, understanding sounds and words. It is a wonderful experience. I still wonder if I never in my life heard certain sounds. Hearing is GOOD for you, that’s for sure. My experience with Nilsson Audiology has to rate as one of the most completely satisfying experiences in the health care and consumer product area that I have ever experienced.

    Jim H.

  • Jim reviews Joy Nilsson

    I was initially referred to Nilsson Audiology by a friend in September 2007. After receiving my new hearing aids, I was scheduled to come back for follow-up visits to ensure they were working correctly. The follow-up is so important in maximizing the potential of the aids to address my hearing loss. Friends have told me repeatedly that you just don’t get this kind of service from others. Others may cost less, but they are not as effective as the product and service you get from Dr. Nilsson.

    I now have my second pair. The new pair has an assistive device that enables me to hear TV more clearly. In addition, there is a device for use when driving that enables me to hear both the radio and my passenger — my wife — much better. Nilsson Audiology has strengthened my marriage and allowed me to hear when and where I couldn’t before. I highly recommend Nilsson Audiology.

    Jim S.

  • Travis and Judy

    Hi! My name is Judy. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been hard of hearing. I’ve gotten along pretty well through the years, until my sweet little blonde-haired grandson, Travis, was born in 1992. He had a soft little voice that I just couldn’t hear. We struggled with our problem, and I found out later that Travis was afraid of me because I always kept after him to talk louder. We had a very frustrating relationship. When he became a teenager and his voice lowered, the problem grew until I just gave up on being able to talk with him at all. I thought that he just mumbled, so I pretty much ignored him.

    Travis was 16 years old when I went to Nilsson Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic in 2009. After testing me, Dr. Nilsson fit me with hearing aids. Since then, I’ve heard many things for the first time, including the wind in the trees and the words to songs. But I will be forever grateful to Dr. Nilsson because she gave me the ability to get to know my grandson!
    Travis is 21 years old now, and we’ve been able to visit with one another for the past four and a half years without any difficulty at all. I know now what a special person he is, and although I’ve always loved him, he is also now my friend. What a shame that I missed out on that for all those years!

    Thanks so much for your help, Dr. Joy! You have a special place in my heart!

    Judy M.

  • Ken Gardner reviews Nilsson Audiology

    Most of us take hearing loss as a part of getting older, or we think, "I can live with it." We frequently hear the phrase "quality of life," but most of us don’t really relate to its importance until a significant occurrence happens.

    I suffer from hearing loss. In the past, I did not fully realize the impact of hearing loss on my wife, family, and friends. Often times I would be nodding or just responding, "OK," without fully understanding the conversation. My wife often had to repeat herself several times for me to understand. Sometimes I still have difficulty hearing all the items on the honey-do list.

    I was tested and fit with hearing aids by Dr. Joy. I can now hear the rain hit the windshield, birds chirping, squeaky wheels on the shopping cart, and my wife doesn’t have to raise her voice or repeat herself often — quality of life.

    The hearing aids improved my ability to hear the television, but I continued to miss significant audio portions. The television transmitter provided by Dr. Joy provides me wireless communication with the audio signal generated by the television. The signal transmitted to my hearing aids has its own volume control — again, quality of life.

    I want to thank Dr. Joy for providing me with great service and opening my ears to the technology available.

    Ken Gardner

  • My daughter said that she was glad that I was able to follow up with Dr. Joy so quickly about the problem I was having with my hearing aid. She said, “I really need to meet her one of these days and just give her a big hug of thanks for all she does for my dear mom.” Whenever I’ve written to her about Dr. Joy, she’s always immediately written back and said that she thinks Dr. Joy is just wonderful and she is so happy that I have her.

    Pat H.

  • Hearing loss is not something that you notice all of a sudden because it decreases so gradually over time. However, when I sought help from Dr. Nilsson, I felt that her expertise, training, and personal rapport with her patients was unique. You will establish a trust in her abilities and know that she is absolutely genuine.

    Rick B.

  • Ron reviews Nilsson Hearing Aid Clinic

    The guidance and care Dr. Joy provides is the reason I am still working today at the age of 63. Over the years, she ensured my hearing aids were in top working order and updated to match the current state of my hearing loss. Most importantly, she continued to seek out new solutions to meet the challenges I presented to her, especially those related to my ability to continue in my chosen profession. Technology continues to advance, and my hearing loss continues to degrade — Dr. Joy Nilsson is the key. Under her care, I have the use of the latest in hearing aids.

    Ron T. of Port Orchard

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