Mobile apps for hearing aids

Mobile Apps

Control the functions of your devices through your iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch®, or Android.

ConnectLine App

The ConnectLine App pairs your AGX MediaLink devices to bring you a smartphone-integrated experience for use with your Bluetooth hearing aids. With the ConnectLine App, all of the benefits of your AGX MediaLink system are right in the palm of your hand, allowing your Streamer Pro to stay tucked away and out of sight, and giving you discreet control.

The app is simple to use and controls the functions of your AGX MediaLink devices through your iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch®, or Android. Adjust volume and enjoy the control of your AGX MediaLink devices on your Apple or Android product.

ConnectLine App for hearing aids


The TruLink app connects your Made for iPhone® Hearing Aids to your iPhone, and turns your devices into customizable units with features that improve your listening experiences. The TruLink app allows you to stream phone calls, FaceTime® audio, music, and sound from your television or computer using Bluetooth technology. With the SoundSpace feature, you can adjust bass and treble to make hearing in certain environments easier, and the TruLink Memories feature will save those adjustments so that when you return to a specific location, your devices readjust automatically.

Your iPhone also acts as a remote control and microphone for your devices. The remote feature allows you to change the volume of your Bluetooth hearing aids quickly and easily, while the live microphone offers extra amplification to ensure that you don’t miss a moment of conversation. The microphone feature can also record, play back, and email audio as it happens.

Lastly, the TruLink app makes it hard to misplace your devices. Use the Find My Hearing Aids feature to emit a tone that helps you detect how close you are to your hearing aids. No matter your hearing needs, the TruLink app allows for more customization than with any other Bluetooth hearing aids on the market.

TruLink iPhone hearing aid app