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  • My daughter said that she was glad that I was able to follow up with Dr. Joy so quickly about the problem I was having with my hearing aid. She said, “I really need to meet her one of these days and just give her a big hug of thanks for all she does for my dear mom.” Whenever I’ve written to her about Dr. Joy, she’s always immediately written back and said that she thinks Dr. Joy is just wonderful and she is so happy that I have her.

    Pat H.

  • I admit to resisting the idea of hearing aids; however, I changed my mind once I tried them. Not only are my hearing aids discreet, but they are fully adjusted to my particular hearing loss. I have been wearing the new, open fitting, behind-the-ear, digital hearing aids for the last two years and I can tell you that it was one of the best investments I have made for myself and for my family. We wear glasses when our eyesight begins to fail. Why wouldn’t we do whatever we can to improve our hearing?

    Bruce D. of Port Orchard

  • Hearing loss is not something that you notice all of a sudden because it decreases so gradually over time. However, when I sought help from Dr. Nilsson, I felt that her expertise, training, and personal rapport with her patients was unique. You will establish a trust in her abilities and know that she is absolutely genuine.

    Rick B.